At the recently concluded Goodwood Festival of Speed, a plethora of luxury, exotics and even race cars could be seen lined up throughout the Goodwood Estate. At the McLaren booth, there was one special vehicle unlike any other found at the event. A one-off McLaren 720S made from 280,000 pieces of Lego.

Following the launch of the Lego Speed Champions McLaren 720S, McLaren set out to build a 1:1 scale variant of the Lego 720S. Like any Lego model however, the full-scale Lego 720S arrived at Goodwood incomplete. It was up to the visitors who visited the McLaren stand to finish the model by placing orange bricks at their designated positions.

Preparing the 1:1 Lego model for Goodwood required over 267,000 Lego bricks and took the team of six over 2,000 hours to build the car by hand. Visitors meanwhile added an approximately 12,700 bricks to finish the Lego 720S by Sunday at the festival’s end.

The end result was a full-size Lego 720S weighing in at around 1,600kg. For comparison, a road-going 720S weighs 1,283kg. McLaren also adds that producing a real-world 720S only takes 12 working days at the McLaren Production Center, much less than the 2,000 hours needed on the Lego model.

The McLaren 720S is now available for orders and will come pre-assembled from the factory.

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