Toyota Motor Corporation recently launched a new boat called, the Ponam-28V which is developed as a premium sports cruiser combining three main features: Toyota Hybrid Hull providing a new sense of comfort, a pilot support system utilizing automotive-derived control technologies, and a ‘flowing’ exterior style.

The new Ponam-28V has been created as a commercial version of the Toyota-28 Concept, which was previously displayed last March at the Japan International Boat Show . The Toyota-28 Concept had also received the Good Design Award for 2016.
Starting with the exterior, it features a unique and imposing design with its flowing surface and dynamic lines. Inside, it is covered by a white color to create a relaxing and expansive space.

The Toyota-28V is powered by a 3.0-liter inline four-cylinder direct-injection diesel engine based on the Land Cruiser Prado. It also features high level of maneuverability using a control system that handles automotive-derived technologies.

Also with the Toyota Hybrid Hull’s high degree of design freedom, an innovative design that was previously difficult in an aluminum hull was made possible. Using cutting-edge stimulation analysis, the smooth vessel bottom shape with reduced propulsion resistance on the gliding surface had been achieved.

The world automotive-dershaft TVAS for use in a single-mount engine, on the other hand, was developed and incorporated into a boat in the 28-foot class for the first time. The latest technologies have been utilized enabling it to detect the wind direction and the current flow in both the bow and stern directions.
The TVAS has four modes, including the maintenance of the boatnceow in both the bow an, and keeping the bow direction during trolling, in order to support the joy of marine leisure under a variety of situations.

The manufacturing of the Toyota Ponam-28V Premium Sports Cruiser has been subcontracted to Yanmar and will be sold by 50 companies in Japan.

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