We’ve all seen videos of SUV’s and pickup trucks towing different huge and heavy objects, such as airplanes, to showcase their towing capacity. Toyota, however, has done the opposite. Instead of demonstrating the towing capacity of their Hilux, they used 15 Tamiya RC cars to tow the real-life pickup truck. Perfect timing too given we just visited the Cebu plant recently.

The idea of toy pickup trucks pulling a vehicle was taken from a similarly performed stunt in the 1980s. To pull the Hilux, which has a curb weight of around 1,800kg, the toy pick ups are facing a challenging ordeal. However, each Tamiya Bruiser, a a 1:10 scale model based on the earlier model Hilux, can create a 2 kg pulling force.

Despite the Tamiya only weighing around 3kg, its 4×4 capability allows it to overcome obstacles. To make sure that traction of the Tamiyas are put down properly, the testers placed a small weight behind the cab section each Bruiser. To properly tow the pickup, a special towing bar with 15 eyelets were bolted on the Hilux’s towing points, ensuring that the each of the Bruisers would pull at an optimal point.

Once the Tamiyas were hooked up, the Hilux was turned off and placed in neutral. It was now time for the Bruisers to do the pulling. Watch here as Tamiya showcases the pulling power of their Bruiser rc-cars, pulling the Hilux.

This isn’t the only video that features the Toyota Hilux and its miniature, remote-controlled counterpart. It is actually part of a web series Toyota UK recently published. Dubbed the “Hilux Little and Large” series, it also highlights the capabilities of the life-sized Hilux, later emulated by the little ‘Lux. Check out the other video in the series titled, “Mud”. Needless to say, Toyotas and Tamiyas go well together quite well.