Jimny Drifting

WATCH: Meet the world’s first Suzuki Jimny drift car

With its compact dimensions, high ground clearance and body on frame construction, the Suzuki Jimny is more than capable of taking on the road less traveled. It’s efficient too thanks to its small 1.3 liter engine, making it a suitable daily car as well. However, one thing this subcompact SUV isn’t is a drift car.

Still, that didn’t stop the maverick mechanics of Kinokuni from turning the humble Jimny into a car that can take on the track. For this build, out goes the fuel sipping 1.3 liter engine and taking its place is a Nissan SR20DET engine which saw service in Nissan Silvias. Kinokuni didn’t stop there as they freed the Jimny’s body from its frame and made a special tube frame chassis. With that, the Jimny’s live axle suspension makes way for Nissan S15 Silvia suspension bits along with coilovers, effectively making it an S15 with a much shorter wheelbase.

With all the modifications made to the tiny SUV, it will no longer be able to go off-road as it has perhaps become the world’s lowest Jimny as well. First displayed during the Tokyo Auto Salon, this unlikely drift car is ready for its first shakedown.

Check out some sideways action in the clip below, along with a bonus clip near the end.

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