Mercedes-AMG may have dominated Formula 1 yet again but it’s safe to say that 2016 was a  year of twists. With driver swaps, team orders, and the occasional pit lane blunder, it was an entertaining year for the sport.

Formula 1 has released a season recap with a twist. Instead of a highlight reel, the year’s ups and downs were presented in classic 8-bit format. Complete with 80’s video game music, the presentation starts with a driver select screen and a loading screen worthy of a throwback.

It’s certainly refreshing to see Formula 1 showing their less serious, creative side. You will also see humor injected during some tense moments of the year as well. Needless to say, there are a lot of nods to the thrills and spills that made up the 2016 season.

From Max Verstappen’s rise to the grid to Mercedes-AMG’s dramas in the finale at Yas Marina, it was an exciting year as a whole for Formula 1. Of course, we all know the twists didn’t stop at the last round in Abu Dhabi. Nico Rosberg’s retirement after claiming the title was a shock to everyone, including his old employers.

The video be just over three minutes long but it’s a fun way to recap an action-packed season. With new rules and regulations coming next year, we can perhaps expect even more from Formula 1 in 2017.

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