When people think of cars or sports cars parading through a city or town, more often than not it will be loud and noisy, with people all clamoring about to get a look at the cars. Imagine now having more than 700 electric vehicles parading through instead of gasoline powered vehicles, it would probably be one really quiet parade regarding cars passing through.

Such was the case when a total of 746 electric vehicles from different makes paraded in the Netherlands to set a new world record. The participating vehicles ranged from Teslas, Nissans, and Renaults. Aside from the vehicles, electric buses, trucks, bikes and Segways also attended the event.

The event was organized by Rotary Club member Eindhoven Eeckaerde, and was able to beat the previous record of 577 EVs. To make way for the festivities, a 3.6km stretch of road in Bravant province was closed. All proceeds raised from the events will be donated to an educational program for children in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

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